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EAA Chapter 103 Chapter Calendar

This weekend, on Saturday (9/27) at 8 am, we've got a Young Eagles event at Shep-Rock Hangar.  Contact Rick Budwee 401-5995 if you wish to participate as a pilot or ground support.

October 9th, 7 PM is our general meeting.   Join us for builder updates, the EAA Chapter video, and a few refreshments.  This is also the meeting where we will nominate members for our 2015 officers and board.  Chapter Members will receive a separate email on this topic.

October 11th- Glenns Ferry, Lunch at the Winery.   Plan to leave your home base in time to arrive in Glenns Ferry for lunch.   Dale Binning is coordinating and can answer questions- binning@clearwire.net

November 13th, 7 PM general meeting, Special Speaker,  Tim Imbrock, CFII, A&P from just across the field, MAF. 

Oct 3-5? There isn't an organized and sanctioned fly out to the Alvord desert.   However, if you'd like to see this area of the world and maybe do some camping with fellow aviators, it is quite likely that some will be heading over the first weekend in October.   Check with the Top Fun Flyers for more.

Christmas Party in December- will be held in conjunction with the Top Fun flyers.   If you'd like to volunteer on the Christmas party planning and prep, please let me know.

Thanks, EAA Chapter 103 Members

As your recently elected president, I want to take a moment to thank members for making the 103 a great chapter.  I guess I always knew this, but it is much more apparent now as I get to know the people in the chapter better.  Seeing the willingness to step up and jump right in has been a welcome reality.  Many of you have personally helped me adjust to this new role, thank you.

One of the interesting duties that goes with this role is to answer questions.  For a few weeks now my name and number has been up on the website, so when someone wants to talk to a local EAA person, I get a phone call or email.  As I've chatted with people and explained what it is Chapter 103 has to offer, it has occurred to me, that everything we do, we can only do because you, as a member of EAA 103, are willing to volunteer your time and talents.  This chapter exists because of volunteers willing to share their interest in aviation with one another and the community.  Thanks 103! 

best regards
Stan Siewert
President EAA 103

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Stan Siewert, 2014 President

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