Subject: EAA Chapter 103 - John -Chapter Leaders + Your Membership Status
From: Doug Kandle <>
Date: 1/9/2015 1:31 PM

EAA Chapter 103 - Presentation and Event Saturday 5/10


Hello John:

At last night's meeting it was brought to my attention that the chapter election results were never sent out.
So, here is the 2015 officer and board members:

Stan Siewert President
Rick Budwee Vice President
Dale Binning Treasurer
Doug Kandle Secretary
Kevin Goodman Board Member
Ernest Hamilton Board Member
Cathy Henry Board Member
Sherry Kandle Board Member
Jim Morrow Board Member
Douglas Norman Board Member
Jordan Roe Board Member
Dennis Schwettmann Board Member
Russell Sperry Board Member
Lloyd Thompson Board Member

2015 Chapter Dues

John Doe: I show your dues as paid for 2015.

Please let me know if this status is not correct. The dues status is valid for dues received by 1/8/15.

2015 Event Survey
If you haven't already done so, please respond to the survey which you should have received a few weeks ago. The email was from SurveyMonkey. Responding to this brief survey only takes a couple of minutes and it will help to plan events which are most interesting to our members.

Doug Kandle, Secretary EAA Chapter 103

Check out our Facebook Page

As most of you probably know, there is a group for EAA Chapter 103. Check it out at:
You need to be logged into Facebook to get there.

EAA Chapter 103
121 Municipal Dr.
Nampa, ID 83687
Stan Siewert, 2015 President 

Doug Kandle, EAA Chapter 103 Secretary.