Subject: EAA Chapter 103 - John - Meeting This Thursday
From: Doug Kandle <>
Date: 2/9/2015 7:51 PM

EAA Chapter 103 - Presentation and Event Saturday 5/10


Your Membership Status, John Doe is:
current member through 2015
(current as of 2/7/15)

Message From Stan:
Agenda for this month's meeting:
Welcome visitors
Builder and Pilot Updates

Brief Discussion of the Eagle program (not Young Eagles).  What are pilot/mentors and who is a good candidate for being an “Eagle”?

February Chapter Video features info on the Air Academy program, Ballooning in New Mexico’s Red Rock State Park, and finally, compression tests and diagnosing the cause of a low number.

Catchup on January Chapter Video, the video features some excellent Alaskan bush flying, news from our Chairman Jack Pelton, a brief discussion of the new rule allowing the second pilot during phase one, and a few home builder hints.

Mike Nipp’s Challenger is in the Hangar, make sure you check out the nice fabric work and restoration work.


March 7th- Young Eagles
March Meeting is Thursday
the 12th at 7PM.
May 2, Intro to General Aviation ( program for Eagle candidates)  More to come on this.
Arlington WA- July 9-11- Ernie Hamilton will be organizing this group event.
Air Race- Troutdale to Pasco August 22. Being organized by the International Ninety-Nines but everyone is welcome to participate. Sherry Kandle will be providing more details closer to the event.
Stanley Fly Out- Date To Be Determined (Jim Morrow)
Jackpot Fly Out- Date TBD (Sherry Kandle)

Doug Kandle, Secretary EAA Chapter 103

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Doug Kandle, EAA Chapter 103 Secretary.