Subject: EAA 103 Board Meeting Notice 11/9/14 7PM
From: Doug Kandle <>
Date: 11/1/2014 7:36 PM
To: Jim Howard <>, Ernie Hamilton <>, Roy Roberts <>, Dale Binning <>, JAMES MORROW <>, Doug Kandle <>, Gordon - Jarice Halsted <>, Herb Gehlken <>, Cathy Henry <>, Dan Neal <>, Jordan Roe <>, Kevin Goodman <>, Russ Sperry <>, Marc Meyer <>, Ralph Orcutt <>, Rick Budwee <>, Stan Siewert <>, Lloyd Thompson <>

Dear Board Members

Board meeting: Sunday November 9th. 7 PM, Shep-Rock

We've made some progress with the CAP-EAA agreement.   The details will be offered to the board as a proposed addendum to the bylaws.   If it passes muster with the board, it would then go forward to the general membership meeting on the following Thursday.   I'll send it out a few days before our meeting.  

Also,  we have some general updates to the bylaws.  There are a few.  Some have already been mentioned like updating to reflect email communication rather than US mail.   I'll send those out with highlights of the proposed changes and anticipate discussion at the board meeting.  Again, if it passes, then it would go before the general membership.

As discussed at our nominations meeting last month, we will elect board members to fill the vacant positions and stay within the bylaws (upper limit 9, this is not including 4 officers).   It is our intent to have board members that can come to meetings and participate.   Any spots that get filled or held by those who can't participate, will this year block someone who would participate.   In that light,  I had a nice chat with Ralph's wife, Donna about whether or not we might see Ralph at board meetings.  She spoke of his stroke and thought we should free his spot of for someone better able to participate.   This in no way reflects poorly on Ralph.  He has many great years with our club and we can consider other ways to recognize Ralph. 

We've got high interest in Young Eagles, both on the youth side and the pilot and support side.  Let's get a date proposed and have another great day of introducing kids to the wonders of flight. 

Fly Outs!  how about some proposals? 

Hangar usage update.    Other assets.... tool crib, trailer, etc.

(And open to other agenda items, please call or email proposal)

best regards
Doug Kandle
Secretary EAA Chapter 103
EAA Member 0538862

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