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For Sale Sky Raider 

 I would like to sell my Sky Raider light sport plane for $10,000. Please call me at 208- 353- 6396. Or email




Chap 103 member Tom Simpson has fuel money to contribute for anyone who would be kind enough to fly him for .5 to 1.0 hour in their light aircraft in order that he can capture some acceleration profiles for his science study. Results will be provided to the aircraft owner of course. 

Tom also has a lathe for sale. It is a large item, about 1300 lbs. It swings 11" and has a 30" bed. He also wishes that it be known that he has some tools and expertise concerning sheet metal fabrication. He has a 6" box brake (aka finger brake); a 12" shear; a 24" shear; a 24" box brake; and a large C throat punch with a pretty good set of round hole tooling. He has fair to good shop capabilities which includes light machining. If you have a fabrication challenge he welcomes a call to help discuss solutions. Tom is a retired mechanical design engineer and has a lot of experience in figuring out stuff and then figuring out how to make that stuff.

Tom would like to remind members that if you are looking for raw materials for construction purposes check out Gem State Metals in Garden City. The owner, Tom Sullivan happens to be a pilot and also an A&P / IA. He has a zero time engine for sale. It is a Continental A65 upgraded to A80  built by John Gray. It has the flanged crank and Eisemann magnetos. $7000 is the asking price. Mr. Sullivan also has the remains of a damaged Stits Playboy that might yield some usable parts for someone's project. Mr. Sullivan also has a Christavia project that he wishes to sell. Inquire with him at Gem State Metals 855-9200.

contact Tom Simpson at 863-8512


Apollo GX55 GPS - IFR Enroute. 100% working GPS. All components, antenna, mounting tray cables, manuals. Replaced unit with new Garmin. $500 OBO. Doug Kandle 395-0304


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